About Us


The Mission of the Pet Therapy Society is to provide to the community safe and effective Animal Assisted Activities and Programs. The Pet Therapy Society of Northern Alberta recognizes that the commitment of its volunteers is vital to the success of its Mission.

The Pet Therapy Society of Northern Alberta was created to provide the benefits of the human-animal bond that is well documented in medical, psychological and social literature.

At all stages throughout our lives animal companionship can stimulate sensitivity and learning. In adolescents, involvement in Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) can add a perspective not usually available in many non-pet home or classroom situations. Interaction with companion animals can involve values, morals, modes of behaviour, attitudes, self-examination, even establishment of new or improved skills. While the focus is on the human-animal relationship other aspects including environmental issues, personal health and safety, and cooperative learning may also be associated.

Members volunteer their personal time along with their pet companions to provide animal assisted therapy and animal assisted activity programs to make a difference in the lives of others.