Paws To Remember

The loss of a pet, whether an unexpected shock or an expected farewell, can be one of the most traumatic events in a person’s life.

The depth of bereavement is directly related to the degree of unconditional love experienced. The effects of grief can vary. The intensity is different from individual to individual but can include profound change to emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

It is the commitment of the Paws to Remember program to facilitate a resolution to the grieving process through group support. We heal the heart through sharing.

The Paws to Remember program is graciously put on by Gordon Youzwyshyn. He is a well-respected member of the Pet Therapy Society or Northern Alberta. Should you have any questions please contact Gord via email at

The group meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 5:00 PM.

While Paws to Remember is free, donations to the Pet Therapy Society of Northern Alberta are always appreciated.