The Pet Therapy Society of Northern Alberta hosts many events throughout the year and attends many functions. We go out into the community and engage in animal assisted therapy sessions with people in Edmonton. These are some of our adventures so far.

Kai at Homeless Connected Edmonton today! Getting some SERIOUS love and attention!

What a happy looking pooch! Cedar was waiting patiently this weekend to take part in Paws for a Story!

Lori with her bulldog Gurdy. What a blinged-out collar!

Just look at that face! Here is Corky after Paws for a Story at the Grande Prairie Public Library!

Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy this great day and remember to keep the chocolate away from your pups! PS: Gurdy brought love and smiles to the Stollery!

It’s hard work being a therapy dog! Sometimes you just need to have a rest! Kane is at the Kipnes Centre almost every Monday!

Here is the May class. What a wonderful group of people and animals.

Gus and the ALWAYS wonderful Lori were featured in the Morinville news!

Nester and Maggie doing some Animal Assisted Therapy!